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Following are a number of documents, papers, and PowerPoints for helping justify building courts in your community.

Over the last 5 years I and a group of pickleball players meet with various cities in the Phoenix Metro are to discuss the need for pickleball courts, the growth of the game and ways to add amenities that satisfy the community.

I have been the lead advisor to the city on court construction and public needs to the following cities: Phoenix, Tempe, Chandler and Gilbert and have worked directly with those parks districts.

I have helped other communities and pickleball leaders in their efforts including several private communities, schools, community centers and public access centers.

None of this was done alone as it takes a group effort of pickleball enthusiasts.

One things is certain, public courts are not build to get a return on investment, they are built to satisfy the needs of a community, the constituents.  They are built for the enjoyment of the family and the neighborhood.  They are build for the youth and their parents.  Most cities could care less about tournaments, they care about public access and public enjoyment.

If you go into a presentation with that in mind you will find greater acceptance and greater chances of court builds.

In my 5 years of working to get courts I can easily say I have seen over 100 outdoor public courts built, several dozen indoor courts added, and an additional several dozen private community courts build.

The documents are a collection of the most common objections and how they can be addressed.  They are free for your use, and free to edit.

Download both the document and PowerPoint on how to overcome objections to building pickleball courts when meeting with park districts, city officials, and communities.  Both documents can be edited to fit your needs.

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