Free Pickleball Play For All

Pickleball is open, drop in play, every day at all public courts in the Southeast Valley. This means all people that want to play can come and use the public courts.

Being public there are no set scheduled times for play, all groups and individuals are welcome regardless of skill level, residency, age, gender, etc.

The following parks have courts for public play, please Google the park name for location:

Pecos Park, Phoenix (16 courts)

Tempe Sports Complex, Tempe (8 courts)

Arrowhead Meadows Park, Chandler (6 courts)

Gilbert Regional Park, Gilbert (16 courts)

Cholla Park, Scottsdale (8 courts)

Harelson Park, Tempe (4 courts)

Herberger Park, Phoenix (4 courts)

Copper Sky Park, Maricopa (6 courts)

Paseo Highlands Park, Phoenix (6 courts)

Thompson Peak Park, Scottsdale (8 courts)

Kleinman Park, Mesa (4 courts)

Play is 4 on 4 off, meaning play is to a game of 11, and if people are waiting, the next group of 4 players go on.

Each park has a posted rules of play that is similar to all parks in the metro area.

Courts are generally occupied from 6am til 10am in the mornings and 6pm to 10pm in the evenings.

Reservations are not required, nor taken by the parks.

Any special events, classes, clinics or tournaments will be posted at or email me at


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