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Used Paddles Needed

August 20, 2018

One of the latest initiatives I recently started with the backing of the USAPA involves teaching PE teachers pickleball and then how they can teach students in the Phoenix Metro area.  


One of the issues we are faced with, or at least the schools are, is how can we get paddles, balls and equipment into the schools.


Nets are easy, schools use badminton nets, unused tennis tennis, volley ball nets and are keen on makeshift ideas.


More, the need are paddles and balls.  


USAPA does have grant money for things but that grant money can only go so far and does not support the growth rate in the school system.


Teachers are strapped as many times the costs of equipment comes out of their pockets.


I have started a grassroots program where I ask for donations from players that have extra equipment they no long


er use.  Most pickleball players have more than two or three paddles, and more than likely have paddles they no longer use...those are the paddles i want to give to schools and students.


If you can help, email me and we will collect paddles if you are in or near the Phoenix area. 


My email is  Thank You

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