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Places to Play

The Phoenix Metro has experienced some incredible growth over the last 3 years.  Most of the growth has come from the public sector with courts added in Phoenix, Tempe, Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa, and Scottsdale making the East Valley one of the largest concentrations of free public courts in the US. 


Some of our favorite places include Pecos Park in Phoenix, Tempe Sports Complex in Tempe, Gilbert Regional Park in Gilbert and Dave White Park in Casa Grande.

In addition to public courts the area has seen an increase of indoor courts through recreational centers as well as a huge growth of private courts in the many adult communities in the area.

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News Around the Valley

To meet public demand, over 150 public access outdoor courts have been built since 2016...with more in the plans.  This growth has fueled a need for additional organized play which is being addressed with several private companies opening pickleball sites.


The introduction of the Arizona Pickleball Players League has offered an incredible option for all players of all skill levels. 


Now in its 11th year the league has grown from 4 teams to over 200 teams and 3000 players.

The 2022 league season is open for team and player registration.

For more information go to


Play Smarter

Following are links to a variety of documents and will help you become a smarter player.

The documents include a paper on selecting the right paddle, developing strategies in your game, drills and practice games, tips on skills and more.

--Choosing the Right Paddle


--Practice with a Purpose


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